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Is it pointless to be a truth seeker?

    Do we share a unifying reality? In a time when the world is changing so rapidly and self exploration and manifesting our own realities are hot topics, it would be easy to fall under the trap of seeking examples of “truths” to live by in order to feel a sense of security. As if this truth is what our Creator intended for us all to follow. Furthermore, sometimes we seek out people who seem to follow the "correct" truths, such as the people we admire, but in the end, their way of life still leaves us unfulfilled. Why? Because there is no such unifying “truth” or a unifying “reality”, but rather endless parallel truths that can be gained...

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My 10 Day Silent Meditation

What are you avoiding by using language? Funny question isn't it?  You'd never think of asking yourself this unless maybe you tried a 10 day silent meditation. Well, I did just that over a week ago in Downtown Los Angeles.  The rules were that I’d remain in silence the whole time.  If I broke my silence on accident or willingly, I’d promise to forgive myself and continue again until the 10 days were over.    I could communicate what I need via written notes and I could text message or email to communicate logistics. I could also make posts on instagram, but my posts were to remain the bulk of my communication during this time. Did I break the rules?...

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