The Extraordinary In The Ordinary Step

It’s in the ordinary step in which we begin to find our Personal Genius.  Our Personal Genius is our gift to the world and part of our personal mission on the planet.  Our mission is to share this gift with as many people as possible in our lifetime.  

The Ordinary Step is a small step we take in exploring what simply delights us.  

The Ordinary Step cannot be shot down by the ego because it escapes its awareness, it is too ordinary.  As a result, it goes undetected and unjudged, so we continue to partake in this activity through pure joy.  As a result, this activity begins to flourish and develop into a talent or a skill.

It is much like the innocent and delicate moss growing in between the sidewalk.  Eventually the moss’ roots and shoots overcome any and all constraints.  Like an overgrowth, the Ordinary Step then consumes its surroundings with its life force.   

Years later, we see this Ordinary Step for what it actually was, a humble guide to the unfolding of our greatness.  Anything great, takes time to build, and the ego doesn’t have time, but our nature does and the Ordinary Step knows this.  

Within our nature, it is through relaxing that all pleasure is received and it is in the relaxed state in which all great things are made.

As females, we know through the experience of lovemaking that the more we relax into it and don’t effort, the more we unravel and receive pleasure from our partner and then have room to reciprocate that pleasure.  Otherwise known as tantric sex.

It is in our relaxing that we are also able to then just Be.  Doing never amounts to works of Genius, only Being does.  That is why it’s called “being in the zone”, in the state of mind that can create something extraordinary.  In being, we anchor in the highest vibration.  Then, the doing comes as a byproduct of our being.  Doing becomes effortless, fun, inspired, and smooth.

This is how the divine feminine teaches all sexes, genders and orientations:  Relax and be yourself.  There is nothing to fix and nothing to do.  Joyfully explore what enthralls you.  There is an unseen yet benevolent force casting a spell on you in that moment of pure joy.  It is possibly the Creator calling on to you to explore what he has planted deep within you.  As long as you take sips of this joyful activity, you will soon leave behind the activities that don’t excite and hence, serve you in helping find and build your Personal Genius.

Contagious Magic all started from doodling after daily meditation without a goal in mind, but purely expressing what was my highest excitement in that moment, the ordinary act of doodling.  I took that ordinary step many times during the week over a 5 year period.  What resulted was building a brand, clothing line, storybook, jewelry, and a movement that is all meant to inspire radical trust in following our heart’s calling.

Don’t second guess what excites you, take that ordinary step...forward!   


Talin Malekian