The Magical State of Being Convinced

The magical state of being convinced happens when we are passionate about a cause, a dream, a decision, or a vision, but it also happens on the flip side when we are convinced of our unsavory life circumstances.

A shift in perspective is all we really need.  By virtue of that shifted energy, we can and will shape the rest of what’s to come in the near future as a favorable outcome.  But, where is this shift to be found when we need it? 

It is in the foundational practices of seeing life for what it is, so that you don’t get convinced in the direction that doesn’t serve you.  Life is a stage where we can each choose the actor we’d like to play and then meet the appropriate results that match our role.  If you don't believe this, please take a look around.  People who "act" a certain way, get treated a certain way, and get results that match their character.

Hence, abiding by the metaphysical concept of BE it before it ARRIVES.  Act as if you are already experiencing the experiences you want to call into reality through your thoughts and feelings.  The energy you hold inside consistently, has no choice but to be matched with its physical/material counterpart - the outcomes you desire. 

As an example, if you want more love to enter your life, love yourself first and your surroundings will reflect this inner practice.  If you want to be treated like a King or a Queen, BE or "act as if" you are a King or Queen and the result in the outer world around you will follow. 

The real question lies in understanding what it takes to be a King or a Queen and accurately giving off that energy.  For this, you'd need to spend some time in Character Study.  Two hours of practicing this new persona out in public will hone in the precise feeling and understanding of what it means to be whatever character you'd like to try on for size.

Once you have harnessed the energy of the character you'd like to portray in the world, you can weave it into your current personality and use it when it feels called for.  For example, I've studied and acted as the Queen in public, hence, I know how to add some Queen to my character when I need it.  

After maintaining this practice of being the Queen for at least 10 mins, I receive confirmation of the new energetic vibration I created within myself in my outer world.  It might come in the form of how people start treating me and if I practice longer such as a few days, people will actually start calling me a Queen through a catcall or compliment.  The Universe always echoes in even "words" what you are practicing inside, so look for the signs, the world your a Mirror. 

Now that we have established that life is as malleable as clay, we now know that we can turn any unfortunate circumstance on its head and build a beautiful life once again, many times over.

But first, we mustn’t take this life too seriously.  What the hell does that mean when life seems and feels incredibly important?  Being the very experience that all of our experiences are tied down to. Well, it just means that life is not solid, it can change and it can change easily, if you allow it.  Allowing, contrary to belief, is paradoxically tied to how much control you can let go of. 

Meaning, taking your attention off of the very thing you want to accomplish, and focusing on finding happiness through any small blessing you can be grateful for.  Hence, practicing good, positive energy inside.  This positive energy inside will then give birth to inspiration and then you redirect your focus towards taking that inspired action towards what it was in the first place that you wanted to accomplish.  

Getting back to the bigger picture.  The vastness of who we can be on the spectrum of various energies is baffling.  We can be a king and a beggar all in one lifetime.  

So, don’t buy into what you don’t like.  Use it to extract what ever message your unfortunate experiences are here to teach you and then discard mulling over the event, as you should.  Discard, meaning don't make it a part of your identity. 

It is absolutely necessary and natural to feel every inch of your experience and allow yourself to be vulnerable enough to let yourself feel your feelings, but after the time of mourning has passed, you need to detach and find yourself in a neutral position getting ready to shapeshift to your next "act" or "role". 

Begin to mold the energy inside of you by getting therapy, taking a walk, doing something nice for yourself, practicing better thoughts, watching an inspiring talk online or in person, taking a class, reading an inspiring or insightful book.  Ultimately, using any one of these activities or ones not stated to start feeling better and hence, practicing better thoughts and feelings. Our thoughts and feelings shape our reality.  So, look inside, stop looking outside.  That's why they say it is an inside job.

Also, be mindful not to worry about how quickly the changes happen.  Relax.  Allow yourself time to grow into this new shape of you.  Worry will kill the very energy you are positively molding.

What helps me personally is watching Abraham Hicks on youtube or studying Bentinho Massaro's free online academy courses for Empowerment and Enlightenment,  Then, I apply the teachings to shaping the energy inside myself.  

Remember who you are.  You are a Shapeshifters.  You are the Magician.  This life can turn into anything you want it to shape it as.  Don't forget that!

As always, the many Visitors, or as some see them, Drawings, of Contagious Magic are here to remind you that we are both big and small, elegant and ugly, short and tall, black and white, because we all are things, we are all One.  


Talin Malekian