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The Extraordinary In The Ordinary Step

It’s in the ordinary step in which we begin to find our Personal Genius.  Our Personal Genius is our gift to the world and part of our personal mission on the planet.  Our mission is to share this gift with as many people as possible in our lifetime.   The Ordinary Step is a small step we take in exploring what simply delights us.   The Ordinary Step cannot be shot down by the ego because it escapes its awareness, it is too ordinary.  As a result, it goes undetected and unjudged, so we continue to partake in this activity through pure joy.  As a result, this activity begins to flourish and develop into a talent or a skill. It...

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Contagious Magic Launch Party

What you will see through the video of our launch party and photo gallery is a physical manifestation of the seeds I planted long ago within myself at a time when the evidence of such love and unity was no where in sight. As I held on to my convictions that I can transform my outside world through my internal thoughts and feelings, the evidence had no choice but to show up. It is a blessing to know that we are all mighty magicians if we so chose to use the magic that resides inside. Our event consisted of the full “Genesis” collection as well as all of our Art for the collection being presented for the first time. We...

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