Contagious Magic was born out of prophecy.

Its creator had a vision one day of hundreds and thousands of pages falling down all around her inside a dark space. Soon after, she began a meditation practice and a couple months in, she started to have a strong urge to draw after each session. As she drew, a character would appear on the page, much like a channeling.

There was no preconception of what the image was going to appear as, but nonetheless, it appeared each day. Most impressive was that the drawing started and finished in ink. Since there was not much room for error, it was as if there was a clear communication going on between this world and one that wasn’t yet seen.

She named these drawings “The Visitors” because that is what they felt like. As she started to build her small book of images, she experienced a massive shift in the direction of her life, which would go on to transform every aspect of her being, but this came with the price of dying to her old self, and she did.

These visitors became her only companions during her most trying days thereafter. They became a symbol of her light which created order and beauty out of her chaos. She created over 400 visitors through this period of rediscovering and reinventing of her new self into a Young God. In a way, this was their destiny to help guide and usher her into the frequencies of a new way of living. They extend that guidance and protection onto you through your ownership of her creations, and thus our brand fulfilling the intention behind what it means to do “contagious magic”.