Contagious Magic was created to express the vision and passion of a new found consciousness. It’s intent is to capture what it means to be a Young God, someone who knows they are a Creator and is willing to self-actualize in order to create for the betterment of all.

To rise from the ashes and know that not even a seeming death can touch you, how would you then describe yourself? How would you want to pass along your new self-knowledge to others in hopes of igniting their flame, knowing we are all one and the one is all? How would you celebrate your life and dress yourself?

Contagious Magic is a vibrantly bold artisan brand of streetwear with all original art used for prints and patterns as seen on the printed leggings, bra tops and dress. The brand is a marriage of two worlds, the art received from the Spirit world and the products made here on Earth – Downtown Los Angeles.  

All production for Contagious Magic is magically homegrown and all materials are purchased from Los Angeles based vendors supporting our local artists, businesses and communities. 

May you wear and walk your truth!


Contagious Magic


Talin Malekian

Talin Malekian
Artist / Founder / Designer